Sweet Concept

Sweet Concept

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Sweet is a concept for a completely new kind of AI-enhanced project management tool, made on a design research class at Parsons the New School for Design. Its strategy is based on extensive design research on remote collaboration, remote creative teams and project tools. Sweet seeks to transform the way we think about and use all the tools and applications in our daily work, thanks to a new kind of strategy and user experience. You can think of it as an AI-enhanced operating system for your projects, making everything searchable from one place. Read more below:

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The Problem

Companies today use a big set of different tools and means of communication, and the truth is that the preferred set of tools varies from company to company and industry to industry. This, in itself, is not the problem, nor is it wrong. In fact, it makes sense because usually each of those tools (such as dropbox, or hipchat, or invision, email, or phone) serves a specific purpose, and usually serves that purpose very well.

These tools evolve and change. Some fade away and get replaced by new ones. The landscape of different tools keeps changing. We welcome this development. We believe this creative destruction benefits everyone. However, the problem with all of this is that these tools don’t communicate very well with each other. Nor is there one place where ALL of these live and come together. This is where, we believe, lies a huge vacuum, a huge opportunity.


The Opportunity & Solution

Sweet doesn’t want to necessarily compete with any of these tools. It wants to be the sweet spot, the one hub where they all seamlessly come together. In short, Sweet is the spot where all your tools and communications meet. And where you go meet all of them.


Sweet does this with a completely new kind of user experience, almost like an operating system for your projects that transforms the way you think about your tools, making everything searchable from one place. Everything. Phone calls, conference calls, and with the artificial intelligence, even photos. For example, you can search for “yellow bag”, and because sweet AI has analyzed all the photos related to the project, regardless if that photo resides in Drive, or Dropxbox, or if its just an email attachment, you will find it.

Instead of trying to recreate a whole suite of different applications, we want to be the one sweet spot where they all come together and become something much more than just the sum of their parts. Sweet is enhanced with an Artificial Intelligence that continuously learns about your ways of working, and will be able to help you better and better every day. See the pitch below: