Creative Lead / Photoshoot Art Direction / UI Design & Animation / App Branded Elements


Say 👋 to Wealthsimple Cash. A simpler, better way to settle up, pay it forward and send cash instantly. It is like Venmo for Canada, except way better, and much more fun.

The Challenge

Due to the pandemic, we had to pivot the product roadmap of Wealthsimple Cash on its head and prioritize making it into a peer-to-peer payments app. Canada does not have Venmo, and the goal of Wealthsimple Cash is to become the go-to P2P payments app — but do it in a way that's much more fun, delighting and energetic than Venmo.

From the very beginning, I worked closely with the Product Design team to embed highly visual and delighting branded elements in the app itself. Once we had the beta version of the app ready, we started working on a broader brand and launch plan for it. The challenge we issues ourselves was the following: Make Wealthsimple Cash brand more youthful, colorful, and energetic than past brand work to reach a younger audience ...while still feeling unmistakably Wealthsimple.

To keep our work on track, we defined ourselves Three Cash Commandments: 1. Keep people front and center. People, not numbers, are very intentionally in the forefront in the app. We wanted to keep it that way for brand as well. 2. Make it simple yet energetic — we wanted to create something that feels fun, energetic, young, social, and has a sense of humour. 3. Show real life money excanges. It's a new product so we wanted to show the use cases in a fun way.

The Solution

The main creative concept is really quite simple. We decided to really double down on keeping people in the front and center. The avatars play a big role in the app — we wanted to quite literally expand them and show the real life people and scenarios behind those avatars.
We decided to really run with this idea and create a whole series of fun scenarios like this, where we go from the app UI avatar into a full, boomerang-style, stylized scenario playing out — all the while keeping the avatar background colors solid to really connect it all to the existing Wealthsimple brand.

To bring our ideas to life, we did a photoshoot, capturing nine different spending scenarios including Drinks, Cab ride, Socially distanced takeout, a Haircut and others. We also captured a lot of portraits and closeups that we will use across our marketing. One of the aspects we really wanted to focus on with the shoot was diversity and representation. Here are a few snapshots of the scenarios we shot — there's more to come.

Once we had our assets and art direction somewhat set, we worked with our production partner to make a a lot of short ads. A lot of them. In different shapes, sizes and aspect ratios. We also created a toolkit so we can easily expand on these and create more.

We also completely revamped the Cash product page on, complete with some fun easter eggs.

Last but not least, we created an Apple-style launch hero video to both explain and hype up the product.