Creative Direction / Product Design


In early 2022 we embarked on a big project to unify our experience — to bring our separate Invest, Trade, Tax and Cash apps all into one financial super app. This provided an excellent opportunity to redefine how the Wealthsimple Brand and 3D Design System show up in our new, unified world — both in the product and across branded materials. We created an evolved 3D style, combined with impactful motion language where imaginative 3D illustrations and bold visuals interplay in a way that is both evocative and informative. Mesmerizing visual metaphors are used to translate complicated topics into relatable concepts. The result: an evolved, future-focused experience and that balances a high-performance product with a more flexible, engaging and inspiring creative expression — across all brand and product touch points.

Coming soon

Full case study coming soon. In the meanwhile, check out this short project showreel: